winter spring summer autumn, 2018

Heejoo KIM (b. 1983, Korea)


Heejoo KIM


Mixed Media, craft, metal


copper, enamel, leather


Grey, Pink


13 x 6 x 3 cm / 5.1 x 2.3 x 1.18 in




Republic of Korea

Kim spent most of her time as a child in the living room of her home. Her parents owned a sound system, and she found herself fascinated by the spinning record and dancing needle. Listening to the machine made Kim feel empowered and mature as she imagined the glorious melodies being played in fitting locations such as mountain peaks, ice caps, or expansive fields. This space, where her imagination and daydreams flourished, was as familiar and comfortable as a mother’s womb. These memories inspire her current work, where her imagination continues to expand in the present and into the future.



2018: Doctoral course in Metalcraft and jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

2011: BFA, MFA, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea


2018: 21 grams-Hangzhou Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial, College of Crafts CAA, Folk Art Museum, Hangzhou, China (group)

2018: Schmuck 2018, Special Jewellery Exhibition in Handwerk Messe, Munich, Germany (group)

2011: Fifth Season, Space Duru, Seoul, Korea (solo)