Time Sleeping. Wait in the island.

Mun Hee HUR (Korean)


HUR Mun Hee






116 x 91 cm/ 45.6 x 35.8 in.






Republic of Korea



Mun Hee HUR’s paintings are a narrative like one from a fairy tale and, at the same time, ambiguous like a riddle. Although they form specific backgrounds and shapes, their descriptions of everyday situations are dotted with ambiguity that borders on anonymity. The themes she deals with are time, memory, secrets, the home, and an island; they are mainly individual of her private experiences and the uncertain emotions aroused by these topics. Her artwork focuses on, as the surrealists did, the double consciousness of an imperfect subject through reality and the subconscious, or through overlaid images of the past and the present, of life and death. Mun Hee Hur expresses her memory, surreal imagination, and compulsive regression through her characteristically calm attitude. The artist, who grew up on Jeju Island, has claimed this land her home and place of living, and her major artistic fuel. This rouses psychological experiences and a surreal imagination accumulated in the specific geographical situation of an island.

Mun Hee Hur was born in Korea. In 2000, she received her BFA from Jeju National University. She has held solo exhibitions since 2005 around Korea in galleries such as the Chogye Art Museum (Jeju), Gwangju Museum (Gwangju), Gallery Mac (Busan), Samtoh Gallery (Seoul), and the Jeju Culture and Art Center. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions around East Asia including shows at Geumjeong Art Center (Busan), COEX (Seoul), DDP (Seoul), and Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel (Hong Kong), to name a few.