Sugar 01, 2014

KOO Seongyoun (b. Korea)


KOO Seongyoun



Print Method

Light jet c-print

Edition of





Brown, copper, Gold


Republic of Korea


80 x 90 cm / 31.49 x 35.4 in.


1000 – 4,999 USD

Koo Seongyoun is a still life photographer who is recognized for her imaginative take on everyday objects. Her flower images are crafted of sweet candies in different shapes and colors. Her work has been beloved in South Korea for many years, as it often depicts the peony flower, a symbol of wealth and honor found at celebrations and weddings in Korea. What is also striking about this foliage is that peonies can disappear without a trace after blooming, like the momentary sweetness of candy melting on your tongue. Koo’s material and visual focal points discuss the necessary desire to not long for what lies in front of our eyes, but rather to be unpossessive for material things.


Koo Seongyoun received her BA in Indian Philosophy from Dongguk University in 1994. She continued her studies in 1997 at Seoul Institute of the Arts to get her MA in Photography. She has held solo exhibitions since 2000 around Seoul. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions for over a decade in galleries and museums such as the Seoul Museum of Art, Daejeon Museum of Art (Daejeon, Korea), and the Daegu Museum of Art (Daegu, Korea) amongst many others.