Spring Card_A Burnt Tree, 2018

Yeongbin YOON (b. 1991, Korea)
This painting is located in South Korea.

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YOON Yeongbin




90.9 x 72.7 cm / 35.7 x 28.4 in.






Korea Republic


1,000 ~ 1,300 USD

Yeongbin YOON (b. 1991, Korea) is a visual artist who collects seemingly unrelated objects and images with the goal of establishing a relationship between them. As her hobby, she collects various things that she finds beautiful, most of which would be considered insignificant by the average person. She then expresses her adoration for them in her artwork.
Yoon works without a specific medium and often combines various methodologies into a singular piece. Many of her works bring together landscape images from Google Earth with stickers, wrapping paper, balloons, or small ornaments. For example, by combining a photograph of mountains with floral wrapping paper and stickers of clouds, the landscape is somehow brought to life. Her works shift into surreal and abstract scenes, albeit beautiful and strikingly familiar ones.
Yeongbin Yoon was born in 1991 in Korea. In 2016, she graduated from Kookmin University with a BFA in Painting. She has participated in several exhibitions around Seoul, including two group exhibitions at the Tastehouse and Project Space, and solo exhibitions in ONEROOM, Kookmin Art Gallery, and the Uhjjuhdah Gallery.