SP7, 2018

Suyeon KIM (Korean, b.1986)

This painting is located in South Korea.

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KIM Suyeon




60 x 60 cm/ 23.6 x 23.6 in.






Korea Republic


1,500~1,700 USD

Suyeon KIM (b. 1986, Korea) is a multimedia artist whose recent works complement objects of devotion and love. While the artist feels that the theme of love can appear somewhat tedious, she recognizes that it is paramount to our humanity.


In her SP series, the artist paints delicate images of paper dolls and their accessories. Accompanied by theatrical details such as curtains, a stage, and unrealistic placements, the pieces drift from Lee’s former interest in portraiture and still-life. Another influence for this series came about when Kim purchased a Japanese erotic book known as chunhwa (Japanese: shunga). Struck by the act of physical affection, Kim was inspired by man’s desire for love expressed through flesh. She began to combine the veiled expressions of romance from classical Western art with the erotic Japanese works. Her pieces also recall Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints of female beauties.


In Kim’s work entitled SP7, the supple shades of red that mark the woman’s lips and cheeks further the artist’s narrative of romance. The piece has the ability to stop the breath of the viewer who may be drawn to such poetic features. Who is the woman behind the curtain? Is she an object of mere physical desire, or do the red shades emphasize her humanity and make her worthy of our genuine affection?


Suyeon Kim was born in Korea in 1986. In 2010 and 2013 respectively, she received her BFA and MFA from Kookmin University in Seoul. She has held four solo exhibitions since 2013 that took place in Gallery 2 and GALLERY HYUNDAI WINDOW GALLERY in Seoul. In 2016, she held her first solo exhibition abroad with Aando fine art in Berlin, Germany. She has been active in group exhibitions since 2010, with most of her works being shown in Korea, as well as two international exhibitions at Taipei Expo Park-EXPO Dome (Taipei, Taiwan) and ArtHub (Abu Dhabi, UAE).