Museum Camera VII

By Zu Do Yang (B. 1976)
Professor in Dongguk University, Seoul



Sold For HKD 62,500 @Christie’s Hong Kong 29 May 2011
Sold For HKD 62,500 @Christie’s Hong Kong 28 November 2010
Sold For HKD 62,500 @Christie’s Hong Kong 30 May 2010


ZU Do Yang


Photograph, Print


Medium, Large


58.5 x 118 cm / 23 x 46.4 in




Multi-colored, Off-white


Republic of Korea


1000 – 4,999 USD

…ZU’s photographs are taken with his whole body. It means he does not see the world with one eye. Seeing is an act of the whole body. Seeing is made by the body. ‘Seeing’ (voir) is knowing (savoir). In other words, seeing something is knowing this through the entire body. This is a sort of accepting. Seeing is not a passive act but actively embracing something. It shows my body’s perceptual response gazing at the object. The object I see is neither fixed nor completed. It remains variable and ambiguous as discontinuous being floating under the control of time. The truth of the true nature of a specific object is also under the control of time. If so, it can be said that the true nature or original look of an object is absent. As a result, a belief that we can represent and depict objects accurately is denied…

– Park Yong-taik, Art Critic & Kyonggi University Professor


…“Sky is round and ground is squire(天圓地方).”It means a world view of old Chinese in <呂氏春秋傳 Yosichunchujeon> of country Jin. Spaces they belong to is another world. There is an around world, a their imaginary world to any one. To show it, it presents shaking world movement and a visional coming world. It shows us a world we are not able to see by presenting a hidden world as well as a faced one….

– Zu Do Yang’a “Two eyes world seen with a eye”


2003 Dongguk Univ. Graduate Fine Art M.F.A.
2000 Dongguk Univ. Fine Art College B.F.A.

2016 GALLERY MEME, Seoul
2016 ganaart Space, Seoul
2016 SAVINA Museum, Seoul
2015 SPACE22, Seoul
2013 Gallery IS, Seoul
2011 Gallery YEH, Seoul
2009 ART2021, Seoul
2009 GALLERY DIO, Wonju
2008 Seo Gallery, Seoul
2007 UM Gallery, Seoul
2007 Moosim Gallery, Cheongju
2006 Kumho Museum, Seoul
2003 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2002 Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2016 , Gyeongggi Museum of Modern Art, AnSan
2016 , Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York
2016 <Art, Star, Start up!>, Gyeongggi Innovation Center, Seongnam
2016 , Geumjeong Art Center, Busan
2016 , Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul
2016 , Gallery Toast, Seoul
2016 , Hanwon Museum of ART, Seoul
2015 , JeJu Citizenhall, JeJu
2015 Eoulim Museum, Goyang
2014 <Love, Sharing, Joy> JEAN Gallery, Seoul
2014 Whanki Museum, Seoul
2014 gallery bonun, Seoul
2013 Guro Arts Valley, Seoul
2013 Aram Museum, Goyang
2013 Kumsan Gallery, Seoul
2012 Leeseoul Gallery, Seoul
2012 Insa Art Center, Seoul
2012 Le Meridien Noumea, New Caledonia
2012 POSCO art Museum, Seoul
2012 Exchange Square, HongKong
2012 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
2011 Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2011 Art Factory, Paju-Heyri
2011 Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2011 Korean Cultural Office, Sydney
2011 Andong Culture & Art Center, Andong
2010 , Gallery palais de seoul, Seoul
2010 Gallery YEH, Seoul
2010 Keumsan Gallery, Seoul
2010 MOA Gallery, Heyri-Paju
2010 Sejong Art Center, Seoul
2010 Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2010 Korean Cultural Service NY, New York
2010 Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, New York
2010 La Venue Terminal Stores, New York
2010 Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong
2009 798 SPACE, Beijing
2009 COEX, Seoul
2009 Seoul ART Center,Seoul
2009 INSA Art Center, Seoul
2009 Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul
2009 <Nature+Suggest> Sungkok museum, Seoul
2009 gallery Now, Seoul
2008 Daegu Culture & ArtCenter, Daegu
2008 Seoul Art Center
2008 Suntec Singapore Hall, Singapore
2008 Daegu Culture & Art center, Daegu
2008 The White Gallery, Seoul
2008 Savina Museum, Seoul
2008Doosan Gallery, Seoul
2008 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2008 <Nature, Garden & Landscape> The Columns Gallery, Seoul
2008 Gallery Now, Seoul
2008 Rho Gallery, Seoul
2007 UM Gallery, Tokyo
2007 Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2007 2007 ArBazaar, Busan
2007 Savina Museum, Seou
2007 GGCF, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Suwon
2007 GMA, Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, Ansan
2001 Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2000 Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

National Museum of Contemporary KOREA MOCA, Art Bank KOREA
Savina Museum, Seoul
Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, An San
France Telecom, Paris

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