mirror stage 5

By Sojung Lee (b.1979, Korea)


LEE Sojung




Ink on paper




113.5 x 87 cm / 44.6 x 34.2 in






Korea Republic




5,000 – 9,999 USD

In Sojung Lee’s painting, a form is successive of a previous form following one after the other.  It repeatedly multiplies and continues the succession.  A cause produces a result, and vice versa.  Due to this process, the painting loses a vanishing point because a detail again brings in another detail to multiply.  The majesty of the forms, that little by little eats away space constructing their own world, delivers an odd pleasure to the viewers.  At the moment when individual elements, which looked totally unrelated to each other, suddenly become unified, meaning is suggested.  The viewer’s joy is enunciated.  And that moment arouses an illusion of the mirror stage where a fragmented body is recognized as an entire form.


The initial language carved in the painting derives from another painting out of which it came.  From that original form, new flesh and bone are created.  Using circular and oval shaped rulers (templates), flesh and bone are developed.  The relationship between bone and bone, flesh and flesh, bone and flesh is organic and independent.  They are linked like a chain then unexpectedly transformed into something else.  It repeats a multiplication and variations.  We do not know what the painting indicates or represents.  The viewers have no choice but to trail the forms depicted by the artist and read through the painting using all of their insight and senses.  But they should keep in mind that a situation is always unpredictable.  Black and delicate lines intuitively swim in the painting.  The shapes of circles and curved lines, drawn out of the template, flow like the clouds in the sky the wave in the ocean.  They seem static but constantly change their forms; they approach as if nearly encroaching into the viewers’ forehead then withdraw far away.  This subtle sense of movement fatally arouses the viewer’s pupils.


Sojung Lee received BFA in Painting from Ewha Womans University in Seoul (2003) and MFA in Oriental Painting from Seoul National University in Seoul (2005). She was featured through solo exhibition presented by Gallery2, Brain Factory, and Kumho Museum of Art in Seoul; DOOSAN Gallery in Seoul & New York. Her works have been exhibited in many international group shows including Artshow Busan Asia Artist Award in Busan, Ando Fine Art in Berlin, Kumho young Artist in Seoul, GALLERY HYUNDAI Gangnam Space, Korea art gallery, Beyond Art Space in Beijing, Seoul Museum of Art and many mores.