Boyeon JUNG (b. Korea)

This painting is located in South Korea.

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Boyeon JUNG




90.3 x 44 cm / 35.5 x 17.3 in.




Orange, Red


Korea Republic


2,000 ~ 2,300 USD

Boyeon JUNG (b. Korea) is an oil painter whose work provides a sympathetic experience that utilizes our various senses. By using candy as a focal point, Jung challenges the predominance of our sense of taste through her visual approach.


Jung’s artistic focal point is anything sweet and colorful such as lollipops and jelly beans. Her paintings use glaze and spumato techniques in order to maximize the feeling of space. This in turn expresses a strong sense of photorealism. Despite candy’s stimulating outward appearance, Jung is more interested in its ability to melt and break. She alters its visual form into various landscapes, reiterating our childlike ability to create and imagine.


In particular, the red hues of Jung’s paintings in her melting series entrap us in the mythical settings of her candy worlds. The artist utilizes the color in a way that makes our senses of smell, taste and sight all the more authoritative. It is easy to feel engulfed by these red shades, mixing our feelings of pleasure with uncertainty.


Boyeon Jung was born in Korea. She graduated from the Daegu Arts University with a BFA in Painting in 2013. In 2015 and 2018 respectively, she received her MFA in Painting and PhD in Contemporary Art from the Daegu College of Art and Design. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions around Korea since 2010 in renowned galleries such as Gallery H (Daegu), Kooalldam Gallery (Incheon), Culture Station Seoul 284 (Seoul), and Art Center (Daegu).