Homer Jay Simpson

SON Donghyun (Korean, b.1980)
Lives and works in Korea
SongEun Art Foundation Awardee


SON Donghyun


Small, Medium


38.4 x 51.2 cm / 15.1 x 20.1 in


Drawing, Ink, Mixed Media, Painting


Beige, Purple, Yellow




Republic of Korea



Although Son’s works recreate traditional painting methods, they also ask fundamental questions related to contemporary media and drawing. His works depict portraits of celebrities and fictional characters, attempting not only to capture their physical likeness, but also their essence and separated worlds. The artist’s narrative goes further to comment on how popular culture, particularly from the West, has been imported and received in his native Korea since the late 20th century. We commonly perceive that a painting should reflect the customs of the time in which the artist is living in, whether this be conscious or unconscious, and Son’s works are a prime challenge to this notion.


2018: Body&Soul, GALLERY2, Seoul, Korea
2017: Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl, SongEun art space, Seoul, Korea
2015: Ink on Paper, GALLERY2, Seoul, Korea
2014: Pine Tree, Space Willing n Dealing, Seoul, Korea
2012: Where Evil Dwells, Aando Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
2010: island, Project space SARUBIA, Seoul, Korea
2008: KING, GALLERY2, Seoul, Korea
2007: Logotype, Gallery DOO, Seoul, Korea


2017: Not your ordinary art story, SongEun art space, Seoul, Korea
2016: VERDICHTUNG, Aando Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
2015: Momchugo Boda, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2015: PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2014: 5th Open Studio, Mongin Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2013: ANIMAMIX BIENNALE 2013-2014, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea
2013: Permeated Perspective, DOOSAN Gallery, New York
2012: Tell Me Something, Aando Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
2011: Future Pass, Abazzia di San Grigorio, Venice, Italy
2010: Made in Popland, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2009: Up and Comers, TOTAL Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009: Museum2, Korea Art Gallery The Space, Busan, Korea
2008: Asian Contemporary Art Group Show, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
2007: Writing Paintings, Paintings Words, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2007: Art Lan Asia, ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan
2006: Who are You, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea