Helios, 2017

Yunsung Lee (b. 1985, Korea)


Yunsung LEE






193 x 130 cm / 76 x 51.1 in.






10,000 – 49,999 USD

Yunsung Lee is a visual artist acclaimed for his works that reinterpret Western master paintings into Japanese animation form. Lee’s works are amongst several others in the contemporary Korean art scene that explore this mainstream culture, allowing us to take note of its future direction.
During his process, Lee combines Japanese animation clichés with traditional techniques of Western painting in the search for a new artistic form and language. In several of his works, the artist applies segmented framing methods found in comic books onto his canvas. As homogenous colors are layered onto the surface, they begin to remove a sense of perspective, thereby transforming what should be perceived as a three-dimensional world into an entirely flat one. In particular, Lee focusses on the female nude, painting hypersexualized and disproportionate forms. The figures often wear an expression of pain or surprise, which becomes particularly striking when one notices that most are missing arms or legs. These exaggerated features pay homage to the unrealistic expectations of women that can be found not only in Western classical painting, but in images of the 21st century.
2016: NU, DOOSAN Gallery New York, New York, USA
2015: NU-FRAME, DOOSAN Gallery Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2014: NU-TYPE, Makeshop Art Space, Paju, Korea
2018: sub-frame, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018: h/er, Ligak Art Museum, Cheonan, Korea
2017: A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Space K, Daegu, Korea
2015: Goods, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea
2014: Today’s Salon, COMMON CENTER, Seoul, Korea
2014: Small Collection, GalleryJinsun, Seoul, Korea
2013: Prologue, Makeshop Art Space, Paju, Korea
2013: TOP 10, Makeshop Art Space, Paju, Korea
2012: Brand New 5, LEE EUGEAN GALLERY, Seoul, Korea
2011: PREVIEW, Alternative space TEAM PREVIEW, Seoul, Korea
2011: Subtle Encounter, Gallery THROUGH, Seoul, Korea

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