Full Stop, 2018

Sun Mee KANG (b. Korea)


Sun Mee KANG






76.2 x 112.8 cm / 30 x 44.4 in




Republic of Korea

Sun Mee KANG (b. Korea) translates conceptions of reality into ideologies through her line drawings, installations and sketches. Her art compliments and blends into their surroundings, rather than merely filling it.


In her artistic process, Kang depicts images of social phenomena such as shopping bags, mirrors and packaging. By making this iconography the focal piece of her work, Kang questions how these symbols perform as everyday objects. What is their value? What can they represent? Her pieces blend in with the exhibition space or compliment it with a minimalist aesthetic, subtly referring to the modern phenomenon of technology overload. As technological beings, we risk our deep thinking by immersing ourselves into our screens, just as Kang’s works immerse themselves into their surroundings. Through her unique artistic process, Kang provides a clear picture of the need, or proposed lack thereof, of collective desire.


Sun Mee Kang was born in Korea. In 1996, she received her BFA in Painting from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology. In 2010, she obtained her MFA in Painting from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Kang has held solo exhibitions since 2003 in galleries around the UK, Korea, and France. Her group exhibitions date back to 1996 and have been featured in galleries and museums around the globe such as Mass MoCA (Massachusetts, USA), Barge House (London), the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei, Taiwan), Rivington St Gallery (London), Seoul Museum of Art, Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul) and the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, among many others.

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