Eye Rubber, 2017

Eunsae Lee (b. 1987)


LEE Eunsae




193.9 x 260.6 cm / 76.3 x 102.6 in.




Republic of Korea


Black, Grey

Eunsae Lee(b. 1987, Korea)’s participation in the Sewol ferry protest in Korea was the motive of her new series. Lee discovered herself photographing and collecting images from the accident. And the artist faced a question, “Is it right to deal with reality happening right in front of my eyes in this way?” And that question led to thinking about the way in which she makes art and how the media produces and consumes images. Images can approach everyone. Because everyone can look at images without meeting any qualification or training. Images occupy the larger and deeper world than words (languages). That is why an image is not only more aesthetic but also social and political.
Eunsae Lee’s style change from abstract to figurative painting is irrelevant. Rather, it is an adjustment of the gap between a representation of reality and sentimental expressions. In fact, the opposite of a painting based on reality is not abstraction but the expression of emotions and the incarnated spirit. After all, painting is a zero-sum game between reality and the identity of a painter. We ought to read the changes in an attitude than in a formality from the painting. As a producer of a painting (image), the artist asks herself a question about the power she has and devoted her hands to a more moderate task. It is perseverance of thinking. Eunsae Lee confessed that she, who intended to fight that reality in which social issues and women are objectified to be image feeds, was also reproducing the same images, making good looking work. It is an introspective testimony that examines and looks at back herself.
2010 B.F.A. Graduated in Painting , HongIk University
2014 M.F.A. Graduated in Fine Arts, Korea National University of Arts
Solo Exhibition
2018 Night Freaks, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul
2016 ‘Guilty – Image – Colony’ , GALLERY2, Seoul
2015 ‘Crack; Interference; Witnesses’, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
2015 ‘Crack; Interference; Witness’, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
Group Exhibition
2018 Motif, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
2018 SSamzie Space 1998-2008-2018: EnfantsTerribles, As Ever,Donuimun Museum Village,Seoul
2018 Salt of the Jungle, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Hanoi
2018 The Age-long Crack,Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul
2017 Salt of the Jungle,Asean Culture House, Busan, Korea
2017 PingPong, Gallery 175, Seoul
2017 Project Hope?,Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
2017 Salt of the Jungle, KF Gallery, Seoul
2017 The Painting, Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea
2017 Read My Lips,Hapjeongjigu, Seoul
2016 ‘View is open to Anybody’, Gallery White Block, Paju
2015 ‘Goods 2015’, Sejong Center, Seoul
2015 ‘The Idea of North: Schizo-Geography’, Amado Art Space/Lab, Seoul
2015 ‘Art Wall Space’, Gana art space, Seoul
2014 ‘The Showcase’, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
2014 ‘Unfamiliar air’, Space BM, Seoul
2014 ‘LOVE’, Zippo Museum, Jeju
2014 ‘Today’s Salon’,Common Center, Seoul
2014 ‘Chilled Edge’, KNUA Gallery, Seoul
2013 ‘Eastern Monsters, Triangle Art Festival’,Space k, Gwanju
2013 ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery 175, Seoul
2013 ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery NAKAI, Kyoto
2013 ‘Drawn to drawing’, Gallery KAZE, Osaka
2012 ‘Mentor, Mentee’, Hanwon Museum, Seoul
2012 ’37.9°N 22.9°N’, Kunshan art gallery, Taiwan
2011 ‘L’attente L’oubli’, Gallery Bokdo, Seoul
2011 ‘Heavy, Deep and Dark’, Yeemock Gallery, Seoul
2018 The 10thUnlimited Edition, Seoul Museum of Art (Buk-Seoul), Seoul
2016 The Scrap, Seoul
2016 Black market,GwanghwamunCamping Zone, Seoul
2015 Goods,SejongCenterforthe Performing Arts, Seoul
2018 K’ARTS Studio, Seoul
Eunsae Lee(URSULAPress, 2018)
Public Collections
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

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