Dialogue in Museum, 2017

Hongshik KIM (b. 1962, Korea)
Lives and works in South Korea.


Hongshik KIM


Mixed Media, Print


Embossed work, Urethane, Ink & Silkscreen on Stainless steel


55x55cm (image size) / 21.6 x 21.6 in
65x65cm (frame size) / 25.5 x 25.5 in




1000 – 4,999 USD


Republic of Korea


Gold, silver


Edition 4 of 5

In the works of Hongshik KIM (b. 1962, Korea), the artist depicts famous paintings and architectural masterpieces alongside their viewers. From the overlapping gazes both within and outside of Kim’s artwork, we are faced with the essence of life beyond time.


Kim dubs herself as a flâneur, or idle stroller, who chronicles the minute aspects of city and contemporary life. Through her artistic process, Kim creates acrylic on canvas, as well as embossed images onto stainless steel. Her steel-based work is followed by the use of silk-screen surrounded by a gold-plated frame, mimicking the pageantry of the artwork in her pieces. The majority of her works depict famous sights and their visitors. By contemplating these histories, Kim’s works are contrasted with the perceived cultural treasures the visitors in her work are gazing upon. The past and present convolutedly meet through the historical imagery, the etched or painted visitor, the actual viewer of Kim’s work and the artist herself.


Hongshik Kim was born in Korea in 1962. She received her BFA in Painting, MFA in Painting and Printmaking and PhD in Painting from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. She has held numerous solo exhibitions since 1995 in renowned galleries such as Gallery Mano (Seoul), the Keumho Museum of Art (Seoul), and Keumsan Gallery (Seoul). She has participated in group exhibitions around the globe including the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), Daido Gallery (Sapporo, Japan), space CAN (Beijing), and the Korea Society Gallery (New York).