Currents 12

Alexandra Roozen (b.1971, Purmerend, Netherlands)


ROOZEN, Alexandra




70 x 50 cm / 27.5 x 19.6 in.


B&W, Grey




Republic of Korea, Europe



Alexandra Roozen (b.1971, Purmerend, Netherlands) is an artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She graduated with honors from the Art Academy St. Joost (1995) and regularly exhibits her work in art institutions and museums, including the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, CODA, Museum Dordrecht, MMKA, Verbeke Foundation (BE), Drawing Centre Diepenheim, UN Headquarters New York (US) and at art fairs such as Art Amsterdam, PAN Amsterdam and Drawing Now Paris (FR). Since 2011 Alexandra Roozen has a teaching position at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy.
Pencil on paper – this drawing technique, overall one of the simplest, clearest, and oldest, lies at the core of the work of Alexandra Roozen. Drawing with pencil is a constant source of wonderment for this artist, and is consequently time and again the object of artistic experimentation. Thus, in the series ‘Tweening’ she draws with a graphite pencil mounted on a drill, or in her works with the title ‘C-Point’, flattens broken and partly pulverized pencil leads into the paper’s surface with an intaglio press. Or, she’ll photograph a tiny facet of graphite on paper and abstract it through a severe enlargement, whereby it appears as though it were a barren landscape from a distant planet. Roozen’s inquiry into the process and material of drawing is generally carried out through extensive series, each differentiated through self-imposed formal rules.