Congeries of Time , 2016

Sung Won Yun (b. Korea)

Lives and works in New York.

This painting is located in New York.

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YUN Sung Won


Mixed Media, Painting


Graphite, Ink, water color, and acrylic on canvas


127 x 116.8 cm / 50 x 46 in.






The United States


4,800 ~ 5,100 USD

Sung Won YUN (b. Korea) is a mixed media artist whose works evoke the congeries of time in an emotional space through organic shapes. Her inspiration comes from plants: objects the artist feels demonstrate the basic processes of life and offer a feeling of serenity.


During her artistic process, Yun records observations of plants including their biological details, root development, and changes to the stem and leaves over time. From these studies, she creates abstract shapes that symbolize life forms floating in an infinite universe. Eventually, the layers of shapes begin to accumulate and are superposed over one another. Each layer finds a new integration in its universe through a dynamic trajectory, linking together the past, present and future. Yun works in several mediums including painting and photography, but all of her pieces are interactive, allowing the viewer to react through surroundings, lighting and distance.


What better color to expand on Yun’s emotional contemplations than red? In her pieces from the Congeries of Time series, the artistic compliments her vision with the selected color, further projecting the work’s sense of serenity. When engaging with the pieces, the viewer is not only enraptured by Yun’s minute universes, but by the sweeping, emotional shade of its red background.


Sung Won YUN was born in Korea. She completed her BFA in Painting from the University of Suwon in 2000 and her MFA in Painting from Sungshin Women’s University in 2003. She received her second MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2010. She has held eight solo exhibitions and participated in international group exhibitions since 1999 in Korea, Japan, France, Egypt, Uzbekistan and the USA. Her work is included in the public collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Research Library. She lives in Scarsdale, New York and works in New York City.