Blue Room, 2015

KIM Hyo suk (b. 1981, Korea Republic)


KIM Hyo Suk






130 x 162 cm / 51 x 63.7 in.






Republic of Korea

Hyo-suk KIM (b. Korea) is a painter whose works illustrate both real and virtual environments that capture the contradictory nature of modern society. While her early paintings critiqued capitalist society and labor, recent pieces explore fragmented realities that seem to mechanically blend time and space.
After growing up in a redevelopment zone, Kim grew interested the area’s vast array of visual materials. The artist conducts her work primarily through site inspection and takes photographs of construction zones before she begins painting. Scattered and layered materials in her work become reminiscent of these development sites as we can locate building elements such as pipes, ties, and steel. The objects appear to float in zero gravity, allowing Kim to interpret the nature of reality from her own vantage point. Under closer examination, we can also discover human figures amassing from the fragments; they are part of the environment and are simultaneously ambiguous in their existence.
Kim’s works display striking shades of blue and red amongst other primary colors. She sustains her artistic language of fragmented material amongst realistic images, although her urban settings have expanded to include underwater scenes built up of coral and barnacles. Although these elements appear to float into the sky or around the depths of the ocean, they continue to form realistic shapes, forcing us to question what structures are truly a part of our reality.
Hyo-suk Kim was born in Korea. In 2004, she received her BFA in Western Painting from Yongin University, where she later obtained her MFA in the same field in 2009. Kim has held three solo exhibitions in Seoul, amongst a wide range of group exhibitions dating back to 2004. Amongst her group exhibitions, some notable galleries are the Enjoy Museum of Art (Beijing), Hangaram Art Museum (Seoul) and the SEJONG CENTER (Seoul).