Beauty, 2018

Zhao Yiqian (b. 1982 in Liao Ning)

Lives and works in Beijing


Zhao Yiqian




60 x 50 cm/ 23.6 x 19.6 in.




Beige, Off-white, Pink




5,000 – 9,999 USD


Republic of Korea, China

Zhao liked classics and humanities since youth, found it easier to interact with friends who went abroad to Europe, when the nation gradually entered an age of materialism. Zhao especially attempted to lay the purity of painting in a new mode by neo-classically reinterpreting the resurrection of classicism during the Renaissance, rediscovery of nature, and individual creativity based on his own experiences, and research on post-humanism. He attempted to find the essence of painting by combining the spirit of classicism with the icons of contemporary society and thus brought about minimalist painting with his novel concept. Humanism or the human aspects such as sensibility, emotion, and creativity are the key issues in today’s society where A.I. is replacing human beings. For him, it is the artist’s role to try to return back to the age of classicism and recreate arts to reflect it through the mind of a young man. So the artist re-explores the importance of painting by thinking over and over the humanistic conceptions from the classics to the modern and spiritual issues embedded between two eras. Zhao seeks to create the new, utopian beauty and find his own identity by succeeding the perspective of artists during the Renaissance who were proficient at many fields including architecture, painting, sculpture, design, and philosophy.
2006 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2016 Deja-vu, Leo Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2015 Deja-vu, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2013, Joy Space, Beijing, China
2012 Living Room, gallery@oxo, London, United Kingdom
2011 AT.NOT, UCCA, Beijing, China
2017 PLEASANCE, Barn for Contemporary Art, Shenzhen, China
2017 Allegory, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China
2015 A Beautiful New World – The 2nd NJIAF (2015) Exhibition, Nanjing International Exhibition Center,China
2015 WITHIN SIGHT – Chinese New Painting At Post-Financial Crisis Era, Foundation Taylor, Paris, France
2015 Blow-Up Chinese New Painting At Post-Financial Crisis Era, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China
2014 WITHIN SIGHT – Chinese New Painting At Post-Financial Crisis Era, Poly Art Museum, Beijing, China
2014 Chinese New Painting Award 10th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition, Hi Art Center, Beijing, China
2014 Is circle a shape, or a symbol?, D-space, Beijing, China
2013 The material & the method in the painting, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China
2013 Encounters – ART SANYA, Sanya, China
2012 Terna 04 contemporary art prize, Multimedia Art Museum, Mosco,Russia
2011 Micro-life, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
2011 Terna 03 contemporary art prize, Rome, Italy
2010 By the city, CAFA, Beijing, China
2010 I’m, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China
2010 China in the Copy Time, WhiteBox Museum of Art, Beijing, China
2010 Uncertain Possibility, SongZhuang Art Center, Beijing, China
2009 SACA Asian Contemporary Art Spirit, China, Japan, and Korea Art, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 Subjective-Contemporary Art Exhibition, WhiteBox Museum of Art, Beijing, China
2009 False of True-Animation Aesthetics Biennale, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2009 The Second “Niubi Newbie Kids”, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2008 China Contemporary Documenta, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China
2008 Harmony in Diversity – Compatibility of 19 Cross-State Art Spirits, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 Anything is Possible, CCRN Museum, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2008 Niubi Newbie Kids, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2007 Generation Suss-sauer-Chinas neue Kunstler, Manheim Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany
2007 Shada-China Innovative Painting Award, YangHuang Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007 Your View, My Story, Pferdestalle des Postfuhramtes, Berlin, Germany
2007 B52, C5art Art Centre, Beijing, China

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