Beautiful Forest of Contemplation, 2011

Dongwon KEUM (b. 1960, Korea)


Dongwon KEUM






91 x 72.7 cm / 35.8 x 28.6 in




10,000 – 49,999 USD


Republic of Korea

Dongwon KEUM (b. 1960, Korea) is a painter inspired by the natural world. The scenes in her paintings act as symbols of recollection towards our chaotic realities through the imagination.

Despite having lived in an urban environment, Keum’s brush paintings capture the wild beauty of unfamiliar plants and flowers, as well as contemplative scenes of the countryside. There is a harmony between the bright shades in which she paints alongside her work’s naturalistic content. Additionally, by including small creatures into her scenes, the viewer gathers a stronger sense of seasonal transitions. Although her pieces are luminous, they are also void of figures and symbolize the recurring theme of Keum’s solitary mind. Through these naturalistic dimensions, the artist is able to share with us what she finds most priceless in our materialistic world.

Solo Exhibition(Selected):
Korea Culture Center Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Galerie GAIA, Seoul, Korea
PYO Gallery South, Seoul, Korea
Suwon Museum, Suwon, Korea
Busan Art Center, Busan, Korea
Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Chosun-Ilbo Museum, Seoul, Korea
Seorim Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Leemok Gallery, Seoul, Korea
SUN Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Gallery Christine Colas, Paris, France

Recent Group Exhibitions (Selected):
2018: Women’s Art Now Exhibition, Yangpyeong Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
2018: Art Exhibition with Poem, Seorim Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018: Deep-Rooted Tree Exhibition, Kim Bo Seong Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2017: Berlin-Asia Pacific ‘Korea’ ‘Germany’ Exchange, Korea Culture Center, Berlin, Germany
2017: Art and Poem, Korea Economic Daily Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016: Beautiful Connection Exhibition, Gallery Ieum, Seoul, Korea
2015: Home for Holiday, L JUNG A Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013: Birth, Nature and Human, Yangpyeong Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

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