Apriority, 2017

Dongi LEE (b.1967, Korea Republic)


Dongi LEE






Painting, Acrylic




130 x 180 cm / 51.2 x 70.9 in.


Republic of Korea

Dongi Lee was born in Korea in 1967. He received his BFA in Painting in 1990, and a matching MFA in 1995 from Hongik University. His solo exhibitions date back to 1993 and have featured internationally in prominent galleries such as Gallery Hyundai (Seoul), Gallery 2 (Seoul), Willem Kerseboom Gallery (Amsterdam), and Galerie Michael Schultz (Berlin). His collaboration in group exhibitions has taken place internationally in galleries around Korea, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan and France to name a few.

Although Dongi Lee is recognized for his original cartoon character, Atomaus, his recent works have shifted into a more conceptual framework. Lee lays out words in various sizes and fonts on canvas, many of which are written in his own hand, with others coming from acquaintances or computers. The words seemingly hold no relation to one another, creating chaos from the randomness of their placement and definitions. Through this concept, we can see the unconscious of the painter coming through his art. In this sense, the words do in fact become related, making Lee’s work a unique approach to conceptual art with an emphasis on language.

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