A Horse Painted Plate And Landscape, 2017

Doyeon KIM (b. Korea)


KIM Doyeon




36.8 x 54.3 cm / 14.48 x 21.3 in.


Drawing, Painting




Korea Republic

When something comes into your head that you want to express, it comes into your imagination as an image rather than words. KIM Doyeon concentrates on these images through her oil paintings and pen sketches.


“Dog, or bird, or pot” is a line by French poet Jean Genet. This phrase wasn’t a particularly important one, but it stuck in the Doyeon KIM’s mind. Unconsciously, she began to imagine the lives of these three objects, and found that although the words were familiar in their textual meaning, their essence was difficult to comprehend. Sometimes a word has a fixed meaning, but depending on the speaker or the listener, the meaning of the word is conveyed differently.


We cannot always put into words what lingers in our minds. Thus, this exhibition is composed of works that try to understand and interpret language or experiences as an image through Kim’s imagination in front of words listed without context, or words that she doesn’t fully understand.


Doyeon KIM received BFA from Konkuk University and completed MA candidate in Seoul National University of Science and Technology.