202018, 2020

JEONG Zik-Seong (b. 1976, Korea)
Mother-of-pearl, hemp cloth on wood, natural lacquer
120.3 x 160 cm /47.24 x 63 in.


Korea Republic


Enclosed Certificate of Authenticity from the gallery.


Not Included.


Signed in Korean and English. Titled, dated, and inscribed on the reverse after the sale.

“Here’s a special thing. An object in which shiny pieces gather on a perfect black-colored surface to give off images. Shining pieces seem to show the spirit of the wind, the cry of the waves, and the whispering of the trees as they gather and scatter, but it is obviously not the wind and the waves and the trees. It reminds me of something here, but it becomes something that cannot be defined as it, and then it is scattered again. Carelessly drawn lines break into small pieces, and broken pieces become lines again and are inserted to sharp lines. The image moves according to the movement of the light and forms the surface again.” – JEONG Zik-Seong


Jeong Zik-Seong is deeply enchanted by the light and the original abstraction of mother-of-pearl. He has pursued painting beyond the boundaries of reproduction and abstraction and now he struggles to portray a surface image that can maximize the abstractness of the mother-of-pearl beyond the boundaries of visual art and craft.


Jeong Zik-Seong (b. 1976, South Korea) earned his BFA, MFA, and Ph.D in Painting at the Seoul National University in South Korea. His works have been exhibited in numerous venues such as Leeahn Gallery, Lee Eugean Gallery, Johyun Gallery, Kyunggido Museum of Art and many more. He was awarded for Today’s Young Artist (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the Republic of Korea), Etro Art Award, Joongang Art Award and more. His works are included in esteemed art collections including National Museum of Art in Korea, Seoul City Museum of Art in Korea, Kyunggido Museum of Art in Korea, Jeju Art Museum, Young-eun Art Museum, Hyundai Motor Company, Etro, and many more.