Zero Size Object @Uhjjuhdah Gallery2, Seoul with works by LYM Kwanghyuk
LYM Kwanghyuk uses exhibition space as a standard for works and produces sculptures in the form of the same area but different structures. For example, "Objet A" is the same size as the floor area of the exhibition room the work was installed. As the form changes, the way the object is perceived is explored by different human perception and the nature of sculpture..
For LYM, the arithmetic is drawing. He calculates the area of space first, and constructs the form. It is modelled and tested by calculator and Excel program before the overall form of the work is made through the 3D program. Then he cut iron and welds it in person to complete the work.
The title of the show, “Zero Size Object”, is the message you would see on the random webpage when there’s an error. He was interested in the fact that it's an object but the sheer size is zero. It is impossible in reality but possible in virtual data. And it is also what he wants to talk, reality vs. virtuality.
He removed the colors from the sculpture so that the viewers could pay attention to the shape rather than the color itself. Paintings cannot be painted without color, but sculptures can exist without painting any color on the surface. The characteristic of sculpture is that it can be made into a piece without specifying a particular color. Just like Andy Warhol’s silver color interior of space ship at his so called factory, LYM’s silver sculpture looks unlikely to be affected by gravity.
LYM Kwanghyuk, born in 1981 in Seoul, received BFA and MFA from Kookmin University. His works have been featured through many shows including at Lightbox in Seoul; at Gallery Parkyoung in Paju; at Posco Museum in Seoul; Lotte Gallery, Seoul; at Sophis Gallery in Seoul and many more.

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LYM Kwangkyuk
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LYM Kwangkyuk
LYM Kwangkyuk