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HAM Sungju reproduces scenes from his daily life, movies, TV dramas, and computer games. Those revivals are mixture of reality and virtuality while he looks for the half-way between them.

Majoring in sculpture, Ham had been working on installation and got interested in paintings when he could not make any 3D works during his military service. He became to pay attention to the images of set scenes that he had hard time to figure out if those are real world or virtual creations. And he began reproducing them on the canvas without preliminary sketches or drawings.

According to Ham, one thing very important to him is context of the images, or where it came from. If there’s fire scene, it could’ve been any festival scene or protests on the street. He tries to read all the synopsis of the reference stories. The title of the show “Have we met before?” is a line and also foreshadowing of the movie “The Thirteenth Floor”. It is when you recognize a person’s face but feel unfamiliar just like his scene, strange but familiar at the same time.

In fact, the VR from computer games are often more familiar to Ham. The paintings are, thus, his study of the artificial Miss-en-scene from the VR to be more comfortable and realistic.

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HAM Sungju
HAM Sungju
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HAM Sungju