Good Night
With works by Jaejun KIM
@Uhjjuhdah Gallery2

Jaejun KIM recreates horrific atmospheres on the paintings with the characteristic of such 1980’s horror movies as Friday the 13th, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Fury, A Nightmare, and Poltergeist. It is ironical but most relevant to the artist that ‘Good Night’ is frequent script during the stories go on in the horror movie and it is the title of the show as well. Born in 1982, he is the generation of the video rental shop and his best genre was horror movies which demonstrate the worst extreme images we’ve never imagined and uncover violence or rawness. However, what he likes to draw out of the movie is banal episodes, cliche settings, or clumsy special effects.

Jaejun KIM received BFA from Mokwon University and a MFA candidate in Chung-Ang University. His works have been included in many great shows and fairs including at Impart award 2019 in Singapore, Union Art Fair, Yoojong Art Center, Space XX and many more.

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Jaejun KIM
Jaejun KIM
Jaejun KIM
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