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Consider the existence of a dimension and present it as a classic sculptural form of human sculpture. Descriptive developments that can be understood and read from ordinary human fragments that have clear contours-surface and weight-gravity and reproduce specific objects become impossible when you face LEE Byungho's works.

The series of silicone sculptures he has been working on since 2006 evokes the illusion of looking at marble pieces because of their realistic portrayals and materials. However, it reveals an empty area that exists behind its smooth, thin but clear outline, the shape of what is invisible, as soon as the air inside the shell comes out. If a series of silicone sculptures referring to the form of classical busts, busts, and portraits revealed invisible existence by transforming the surface, then anthropometric serials refer to the various works of the sculptor, but move forward in a way that disassembles the surface and contours and presents various forms of homogeneity and beings that are invisible but latent. To this end, the artist reproduces many of the originals and disassembles the contour-surface to reveal the inside and bring it back to the surface. Dismantling and joining together to create a homogeneity, and earlier anthropometry again undergoes a process of division and joining, and meets with surfaces that existed at different times, creating another surface and constantly transformation.

His sculptures shown through the exhibition are not seen as 'final' complete works as an art piece, but as 'suspended completion' on the way to an undetermined, unexplained transformation. It is not known how the works introduced in the exhibition will later be transformed into other forms and placed at different times and places.

"Following Adam's Pose" is a mix of works from the three periods, from 2016 to 2019, where previous four exhibitions have been transformed into different shapes, and the part displayed as "a paused completion" (2016-2019) becomes the support of the bottom, and one of the 2019 anthropometric pieces has been dismantled and added to form a color. It is not known whether the current "Following Adam's Pose” will be divided into works of different titles and mixed up, or whether another human figure will be connected to it and have a different title.

Another feature of this show is the reference to various sculptures, especially the archetypes of human measurements revealed in the two works that form the axis of this exhibition, following Rodin's "Adam Adam" pose and repeatedly transforming it. Just as "Adam," the reference to these works, appeared repeatedly in Rodin's works and combined with each other to become "Three Shades," the artist’s signature anthropometry-Adams pose and "Two Shades" will complete the show with "Three Shades."

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LEE Byungho
LEE Byungho
LEE Byungho