Night Sense: Sound, Scent And Memories
With works by Guem MinJeong, Winter Gyeoul Kim, Kim BoMin, LE PLEIN, Park Sejin, Park Suji, Byun Sanghwan, Song JinSu, shallwedance, Yellow Plastic, LEE YE JOU, Leehaiminsun, Heejoon Lee, Sodam Lim, Seongyeon Jo, Hyejin Jo, Jihee Kim, Choi Soojin, and Sooyeon Hong.
Small paintings, drawings, sculptures, and design objets are beautifully arranged at the gallery space. Unlike the hot weather outside in summer, the lyrical mood of the show with LE PLENIN’s signature cologne draws the viewers into the installations of diverse works by Korean contemporary artists and designers.
GUEM MinJeong (b.1977, Korean) is a candidate of D.F.A. of Visual Arts in Yeonsei University and received BFA and MFA from Hong-ik University. She has been working on site specific video works and video sculptures.   Winter Gyeoul KIM (b. 1988, Korean) received BFA from Fine Arts School of Art in New York and received MFA from Korea National University of Arts. She captures the moment of associated senses of texture, sound, scent, and vision and tries to paint immaterial traces on the canvas.   KIM BoMin (b.1980, Korean) received BFA and MFA from Ducksung Womans University. She paints cityscapes or her own places by traditional oriental painting technique and attaches line masking tape on it.   PARK Sejin (b.1977, Korean) received BFA and MFA from Ewha Womans University. She depicts field of suburban area or wall of any byways with many layers of paint. Park tells a funny episode that she started working on her painting titled when she listened to by Bill Withers.   PARK Suji received BA and MA in Ceramic Design from Kookmin University. She is interested in sound, colors, shapes of the nature and tries to infuse a life into the flower petals by putting her fingerprints on them.   SONG JinSu (b.1975, Korean) received BFA in Environmental Sculpture from Kyungwon University. He draws with wire in the space as a pen on the paper. His pendulum clock makes small noise in the gallery space.   Artistic duo LEE and HONG received BFA from Seoul National University of Science and Technology. They are interested in the mood of interface of natural and artificiality. Their mobil object, vase, and rack are harmonized with the change of light, the passage of time, and especially the wild herb.   Yellow Plastic is an interior design group located in Hapjeong. The group constantly showcases their own design works in the showroom, YP Shop in Hapjeong.   LEE Ye Jou is Seoul based graphic designer who graduated PaTI in Paju and established her own design studio ‘YeseongENG’. She is interested in the marginal area of the paper to be cut along certain images. The margin is used for the graphic primitives that she extends to her works.   Jihee KIM (b.1983, Korean) received BFA and MFA from Dongguk University; MFA from Goldsmiths University of London. Due to the language barrier in abroad, books have been her artistic tools to associate and remember the surroundings. She had book donation from libraries or private collections and transforms them into her art works.   Choi Soojin (b.1994, Korean) received BFA and a candidate of MA in Ceramics in Seoul National University. She is hand building clay and makes unique and playful chunks that look like a lump of paints.

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