Presented by LEEEUGEAN GALLERY Seoul

with craft art & Jewelry works by 20 Korean Young Artists

Seulgi Kwon, Sooyeon Kim, Kim Shin Ryeong, Yong Joo Kim, Hyewon Kim, Heejoo Kim, Eunjoo Noh, Choonsun Moon, Park JungEun, Joo Hyung Park, Park JiEun, Shin Hea Lim, Hye Jin Shin, Serin Oh, Sangji Yun, Gavi Jo, Minjung Cho, Sungho Cho, Jaewook Choi, Han Sangdeok

SAGABOWOL is a group exhibition that features works from over 20 young craft artists. The exhibition is supported by the Pureun Cultural Foundation, an organization that supports Korean artists working with metal crafts.

The exhibition’s title comes from a line in the classical Chinese poem, ‘Watching the Clouds and Pacing in Moonlight’, written by Du Fu (b. 710- d. 770). ‘SAGABOWOL’ translates in English to, “Longing for home, I pace in the moonlight and stand in the clear night”. The exhibition draws inspiration from this verse as the philosophical implications of home reflect something that shelters humanity, becoming an important representation of our existence.

In this exhibition, visitors can see unique crafts that embody the memories and reflections of each artist presented. The crafts vary in methodology and process, using mediums such as metal, fiber and wood. In essence, SAGABOWOL aims to shed light on the functionality of craftworks in our everyday lives, while simultaneously valuing them as aesthetic pieces that expand our understanding of the word ‘art’.

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KIM Shin Ryeong
Jaewook CHOI
Eunjoo NOH
Sooyeon KIM
Choonsun Moon
Hyewon KIM
Yong Joo KIM
Seulgi KWON
Sungho CHO
Jung Eun PARK
SHIN Hea Lim
Sangji YUN