with works by Hyena KIM, Sodam LIM, Byungkoo JEON

Hyena KIM keeps a journal by painting and drawing with her delicate sense on her everyday life. She always walks her dog at the same time and works on paintings when the sunlight comes into her space. Reflective appreciation about life had been documented as her easygoing daily practice went on in her drawing book - a source of raw imagination and inspiration of her intuition. It is KIM’s recent landscape series, depicting both representational and abstract spaces from her imagination while she walks the same promenade.

Sodam LIM works on memoirlike paintings and ceramic pieces perceived from her personal experience and memories. “It is not the image itself but my attitude toward the image and I find the coexisting state of familiarity and awkwardness.”, she says. Previously she took photos for reference but it became ceramics she is interested for synaesthetic imagery around the year of 2012. Drawing on the earthenware is natural to visualize her esthetic.

Byungkoo JEON is working on lyrical painting by his unique views on his daily life - scenes, friends, or just any normal surroundings. He paint only layer on the canvas with no narratives which relates to his own attitude to the world. A tranquil scene is peaceful but solitary; people’s faces and posterior views seem deficient. It gives afterimages for a while but there’s certain distant from the object. Since 2017, he tries to find geometrical elements from the object for his patternized abstract paintings.

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KIM Hyena
KIM Hyena
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