Zune LEE
(b. Korea)

Zune LEE (b. Korea) creates interactive works using AI systems and data from which he has personally collected. In particular, ‘data’ that constitutes the basic environment of digital world is predominantly referenced in his work. Data is a set of value that consists of numbers and characters; the combination of data then creates what we call 'information'. Like this mechanism, the movement of Lee's artwork varies depending on the different combinations of data. Although the entire idea of data sounds cynical, his work contains lyrical and logical codes that cannot be found in everyday technology.

Zune Lee was born in Korea. In 1999, he received his BFA in Visual Communication Design. This was followed by his BS in Computer Science and Engineering in 2001 from Seoul National University. In 2005, he continued his MA studies at Stanford University. In 2011, Lee became a PhD Candidate in Culture Technology from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Lee has held solo exhibitions since 2008 around Seoul in spaces such as KTF the Orange Gallery, Songwon Art Center, Banjul-Schale and Perigee Gallery. His work has been featured in group exhibitions since 2000 in both local and international spaces such as Gillman Barracks (Singapore), Korean Culture Service (New York), Art Centre Gold Coast (Australia), National Art Museum of China (Beijing), Total Museum of Art (Seoul), Seoul Museum of Art, and the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul), amongst others.

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LEE Zune