YOON Hanjong
(b. Korea)

YOON Hanjong combines his various educational backgrounds through his photographic work. He takes pictures of elaborate electronics using a visual inspection system made exclusively for these machines. It is a test to our naked eye - just how much can we see? His artistic process is done in order to initiate a discussion on modern technology, our vision, and the idea of perception. While these systems are intended to find flaws inside an electronic machine, Yoon creates a relationship between them and the natural eye, which is also used to find defects.


Yoon Hanjong obtained his BE in Computer Science from 1989 at Hongik University. He continued his studies and in 2018 for his MFA in Photography. His first solo show was held in 2018 at Gallery NoW in Seoul. He has participated in group exhibitions since 2017 at notable galleries such as Insa Art Center (Seoul), Topo House Art Center (Seoul), Hongik University Art Museum (Seoul) and Art Space AkT (Kyiv, Ukraine).

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