Sooyeon HONG
(b. 1971, Korea)
Sooyeon HONG (b. 1967, Korea) is a painter whose works do not possess a distinct form, yet are characteristic in their appearance. This comes from an elaborate artistic process, with the end result reflecting a sense of timelessness.

The monochrome background of Hong’s works may first catch our eye until we notice the delicate shapes emerging from them. These often appear as pools of drops of water, emitting a tranquillity that only the precision of the artist’s process can provide. Although Hong’s works appear as something natural and unplanned, they are anything but. The artist creates with intention, carefully calculating the slope of the canvas in order for paint to gather on and over each other. As these layers develop, the entire piece begins to evolve into something that tells a story of exposure and concealment.

Sooyeon Hong was born in Korea in 1967. She received her BFA and MFA degrees from Hongik University in Seoul in 1990 and 1992, respectively. In 1995, she obtained her second MFA from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has held solo exhibitions since 1992, predominantly across Korea in spaces such as the Kumho Museum of Art (Seoul), the Posco Art Museum (Seoul), and the Room-Total Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), as well as one exhibition held in the Sunnen Gallery in New York. She has been a part of international group exhibitions since 1992, displaying her artwork in Korea, the USA, Japan, Singapore, the UK, Germany, and Italy. Her work is a part of over twenty public collections across Korea, India, the Netherlands and China. She currently lives and works in Seoul.

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HONG Sooyeon