Sejin KWON
(b. 1988, Daegu, Korea)

Sejin Kwon painted using chiaroscuro methods as well as gradations(濃淡) between thick and thin. His use of this contrasting technique is clear in the dispersing column of glint down the top-center of his work. Like a binary code of on-off and yes-no, the areas painted and left blank becomes an area of material contrast. The illusion of trickling glint of light is presented by the contrasted shades of ink. Kwon had consciously avoided the ink-and-wash style of sumukhwa (水墨畵). More specifically, he wanted to keep away from the history and tradition of style associated with the style. He painted from a concrete photograph, while the ink-and-wash sumukhwa was frequently the substrate for an elusive concept. Sumukhwa drawn on paper must be completed as a whole before the ink dries out. The deft brush must guide the propagation of the water and ink, to strike balance and wholeness before the ink dries. This temporal, fleeting character of working with ink-and-wash made it conceptually appropriate for painting the mountains and the trees as seen in one's mind. Kwon departed from the southern-school literati painting's (南宗文人畵) fixation on the ink-and-wash style, and the pyeongdam ideology's (平淡: even and mild, lucid) adulation of the ink. Instead, he explored the ink-and-wash as a medium, and in this exhibition is his sharing of what he found in that exploration.

2016: M.F.A. in Collage of fine arts KyungPook National University, Daegu, Korea
2013: B.F.A. in Collage of fine arts KyungPook National University, Daegu, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2019: 1248, GALLERY2, Seoul, Korea
2018: Return, 021 gallery, Daegu, Korea
2016: The young artist of this year, Layer-landscape, Daegu arts center, Daegu, Korea
2014: Blurred Landscape, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2018: Ssamziespace2018, Donuimun Museum Villige, Seoul, Korea
2018: One Hundred Shadows, Sungbuk Art Pumping Station & Dimension Varible, Seoul, Korea
2018: AS SMALL AS IT WORKS, Summer Hall 18, Seoul, Korea
2017: A fish against the wind, Sansu Munhaw, Seoul, Korea
2017: MEDIA EXTASY, Kyungpook National University Art museum, Daegu, Korea
2017: Absent, MAKSA, Seoul, Korea
2017: Cacophony 13, Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea
2017: Axis 2017, 021 Gallery, Daegu, Korea
2017: A Stunning Reality, Art Space Hue, Paju, Korea
2016: "New world and realism" Lee, Eng-no, space of liberation 1950's, Masion d’ Lee Ungno, Hongseong, Korea
2015: Y.A.P 15 ‘The Twinkle World’, Exco, Daegu, Korea
2015: Today’s Salon, Common Center, Seoul, Korea
2015: I sang the song and the whale, the waves, Archive of culture Bomm, Seoul, Korea
2015: AUTOSAVE: When It Looks Like It Is Over, Common Center, Seoul, Korea
2015: Critical Point, Space K, Daegu, Korea
2013: Sunday Paper Season 2, Alternative Space Ssac, Daegu, Korea
2013: Cacophony 9, Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea
Drawing Center Archive, SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul
Daegu Arts Center, Daegu

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