RHEE Jaeyong
(b.1969, Korea)

RHEE Jaeyong is known for his painterly photographs that restore bygone moments. He photographs a single object in the same location over a stretch of time, layering them into a single final image. Rhee’s visual focal points vary from landscapes, construction sites, and fields of foliage. As he layers the numerous images, an absolute time zone is in turn created. The present, future and past combine into a dream-like space. Rhee’s photographs emphasize the ability for our lost memories to come back into our perceptive reality.


Rhee Jaeyong was born in Korea in 1969. He majored in Visual Communication Design at Hongik University in 1997, where he also completed his MA in Product Design in 2001. He returned to the fine art scene in 2010 after a commercial break. He has held solo exhibitions since 1998 in galleries and museums such as Gallery EM (Seoul), Art Basel Hong Kong, and Art Fair Tokyo. His works have been featured in group exhibitions at Insa Art Center (Seoul), Culture Station Seoul 284 (Seoul), Espace Louis Vuitton (Singapore), and Hongik University Museum (Seoul) among many others.

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