Myeongsoo KIM
(b.1980, Korean)
Lives and works in New York, USA

Myeongsoo KIM is a multi-media artist who reinterprets various photographs through personal reflection and material engagement. His works produce new narratives through the combination of the object and the image and operates as a boundary between abstract and natural forms.


With a background in architecture, sculpture and photography, Kim’s artistic methodology is a process in which the physical and chemical interactions between materials contribute to the content of the finished piece. These materials may come about in the form of wood and metal, which Kim later sands, grinds or varnishes. Recent works have seen the artist experiment with inkjet printing and dry vacuum press photo mounting onto aluminum. In this way, the frame does not merely provide functional support, but becomes an essential element of the final piece. To compliment this, Kim’s selected images are often cut or bent, changing our habitual way of understanding a photograph. Most of Kim’s works display images of natural landscapes or urban environments, which operate as a quiet space for contemplation and reflection. At times his process facilitates a narrative discourse, while at other times the viewer is required to comprehend the work more actively.


Myeongsoo Kim was born in 1980 in Korea. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where he co-runs an artist space and studio, Top Top LLC. He received his BFA in 2008 with a concentration on sculpture from the Virginia Commonwealth University and later attended the Yale School of Arts to obtain his MFA in Sculpture in 2011. His work has been exhibited across the USA, predominantly in the New York area, where he has held solo and group exhibitions in galleries such as Still House, Ernest Newman Contemporary, the RH Gallery, and the Present Company Gallery.

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