JUN Young Jin
(b. 1983, Korea Republic)

Painting as a medium has survived for thousands of years and is one of the oldest and typical mediums of all times. It had once served as recording tool for religion and history in general while its identical crisis was driven by the invention of photography. It was Modernism to make painting re-settle down as a major creative medium; Post-modernism yet disguised it as cliché among the diverse new mediums today.


Jun’s prior task is to recover the painting’s status back and it is the artist’s concern to work on the illusionistic paintings which was led by modernism and also linked to conceptual art in that the canvas is not shown by its own. Jun’s paintings are by three ways - revealing words, reconstructing, and layering paints. For her, it is “Painting for painting’s sake”.


JUN Young Jin was born in1983 in Korea Republic. She received BA, BFA and MFA from Hong-ik University in Seoul. Her works were featured in many local shows including at The Art Plant Yo Gallery, Seoul; Humax Art Room, Bundang; Jo Hyung Mi Kwan, Seoul; VIDI Gallery, Seoul; Gallery Aenon, Seoul; RainbowCube Gallery, Seoul; Gana Art Center, Seoul; Gallery Sup, Seoul; Palais de Seoul, Seoul; HoMA, Seoul; and many more. Her works were collected by Grand Hotel, Seoul; Lotte Hotel, Seoul; Kolon co.,Seoul; and Orient Bio, Seoul.

2010 MFA, Graduate School of Painting Dept, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea
2008 BFA, Painting-College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea
2008 BA, Art Study-College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibition
2019 CANVAS LAB – artbn, Seoul, Korea
2019 Sunrise to Sunset, The Art Plant Yo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2018 Harmonize the Painting and Return to the Painting, Humax Art Room, Bundang, Korea
2018 Filling – Jo Hyung Mi Kwan, Seoul, Korea
2017 Painting for Painting, VIDI Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 The Canvas Play 2016, Gallery Aenon, Seoul, Korea
2015 The Canvas Play 2015, RainbowCube Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 The Canvas Play 2012, The K Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 The Canvas Play 2011, CSP111 ArtSpace & Gallery H(Hyundai Departmentstore), Seoul, Korea
2010 Jun Youngjin : Between Moderninsm & Warhol's Wall-Painting, Art2021 by Gallery Yeh, Seoul, Korea
2010 Wil Gallery Spring Exhibition : Jun Young jin, Gana Art Center Wil Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 MFA Degree Show “Octachord : The Canvas Play”, Gallery Sup, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions

2018 The Summer, The Art Plant Yo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018 Save As, RainbowCube Studio, Seoul, Korea
2017 6 Artists meet in June, Heesu Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Golden Age, RainbowCube Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Turn On, Gallery Kiche, Seoul, Korea
2012 Artworks Real Exhibition, J1 Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Honored Workers, 57th Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 RainbowCube Relay Exhibition, RainbowCube Studio, Seoul, Korea
2011 Visual Frisson, Palais de Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2010 City Talk, Manoffin g-Café(Gana Art Project), Seoul, Korea
2010 Bibliothèque : A Library of Folding and Unfolding, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul,
2010 Seogyo Sixty 2010: The Imaginary Archive-Gaze of 120, Gallery Sangsangmadang,
Seoul, Korea
2010 Slowly, Strongness, Gallery Dooin, Seoul, Korea
2010 Open Studio, Hong-Ik Univ. Studio, Seoul. Korea
2009 December, Jin Art Gallery, Heyri. Korea
2009 Communicate, Exhibit., HoMA (Hong-Ik Univ.), Seoul. Korea
2009 Different Beauty, HoMA (Hong-Ik Univ.), Seoul, Korea
2008 GPS9, HoMA (Hong-Ik Univ.), Seoul, Korea
2007 New Arrival, HoMA (Hong-Ik Univ.), Seoul, Korea


2016 T-mark Grand Hotel, Seoul, Korea, 2011 Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea, 2010 Kolon co.,
Seoul, Korea, 2008 Orient Bio, Seoul, Korea

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JUN Young Jin
JUN Young Jin
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JUN Young Jin
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