IM Suniy
(b. 1971, Daejeon, Korea)

Im Suniy has been working on her mountain scenes for her uneasy view on the modern society’s transformation. She observed Namsan, central mountain in Seoul and analyzed structures and spaces around the place to quantify for its topography. Her topographic sculpture installation is finally photographed with fog for mystic view before printed.

IM received BFA and MFA from Jungang University. Her works were featured in many solo and group shows including at doart Gallery, at Kwanhoon gallery, at Gallery Jandari, at Songeun Art Center, and many more. She was awardee of JCC Frontier Art Award and Songeun Art Award. Prominent art collections include her works including at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary in Korea, Seoul City Museum of Art in Korea, Kyunggido Museum, Art Bank and more.

2004: M.F.A Chung-Ang University of Sculpture
2001: B.F.A Chung-Ang University of Sculpture
Solo Exhibitions (Selected)
2014: Evolving City-Changing Landscape_SUSPECT, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea
2009: Descriptive Sight, Gallery CHA, Seoul, Korea
2008: Trifocal Sight, Drawing Center at SOMA Museum, Seoul, Korea
2005: Isolated-Island, Space Cell, Seoul, Korea
2003: Shelter, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibition (Selected)
2015: Blessed Land, Yang Pyeong, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Korea
2012: Metadata, Wumin Art Center, Korea
2012: Playground, Arko Art Center, Dukinfield, England
2012: Exciting Museum-山水, meeting digital, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea
2010: Him of Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
2010: Invitation to a Wondrous House, Nam Seoul Annex Building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
2008: 8th Songeun Artist Award, Songeun Foundation
2006: Korea Young Artists Biennale, Daegu
2006: 25Artists of Year
2006: The 28th Choon-Ang Fine Arts Prize
Residency Programs
2014~2016: Yangju City Art Studio
2013~2014: Gyeonggi Creation Center
2012~2013: Cheongju Art Studio
2011~2012: Incheon Art Platform
2008~2009: Seoul City Nanji Art Studio
2006~2007: and The National Art Studio Chang-dong
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art(Korea)
Art Bank(Korea)
Seoul Museum of Art(Korea)
wumin art center(Korea)
Daegu Art Museum(Korea)
JangHeung Art Park(Korea)

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