KIM Hyena
(b. 1981, Seoul, Korea)

Hyena KIM keeps a journal by painting and drawing with her delicate sense on her everyday life. She always walks her dog at the same time and works on paintings when the sunlight comes into her space. Reflective appreciation about life had been documented as her easygoing daily practice went on in her drawing book - a source of raw imagination and inspiration of her intuition. It is KIM’s recent landscape series, depicting both representational and abstract spaces from her imagination while she walks the same promenade.

2006: MFA, Hong-ik University, Seoul
2003: BFA, Sungshin University, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2018: Log Cabin Romance, Gallery Choseon, Seoul
2016: Moon and Crab, Gallery EM, Seoul
2015: White atmosphere, Kimlia Gallery, Seoul
2013: ‘6’, Zaha Museum, Seoul
2011: Yes, You did it, Gallery2, Seoul
2010: Canvas Doll Play, OCI Museum, Seoul
2009: What I did, Gallery2, Seoul
2007: How ugly they are!, Loof, Seoul
2006: KIMHYENA, Insa Art Center, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2018: Index, Seoul City Museum of Art, Seoul
2018: blooming in the new year, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
2017: Living & Art, innen & salon de H, Seoul
2016: ppp, studio148, Seoul
2016: The first park, One and J., Seoul
2015: blue, salon de H, Seoul
2015: Intuition, OCI Museum, Seoul
2014: Helkinki Co., Space Onewoel, Seoul
2014: Salon Today, COMMON CENTER, Seoul
2013: Coexisting, Sampyo Space
2011: Impulse, Boan Inn, Seoul
2011: Wall painting project, MK2 Art Space, Beijing, China
2010: Shinjinkiye, Total Museum, Seoul
2010: As If You Know, Ando Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
2009: Wonderful Pictures, ILMIN Museum, Seoul
2009: Double Fantasy, Inoma Museum, Japan
2007: Visual Sound, Cais Gallery, Seoul
2007: Scribbling, Soma Museum, Seoul
2005: Yeoljeon, Insa Art Center, Seoul
2005: Inside Out, Loof, Seoul

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KIM Hyena
KIM Hyena