Heejoon LEE
(b.1988, South Korea)
Heejoon LEE is a visual artist interested in the unusual and exotic. In particular, he questions the meaning behind ‘foreign’ and how one defines it.

In his recent works, Lee takes on the role of a flâneur, wandering around Seoul in areas that have experienced gentrification. The scenery that Lee captures is accumulated and compressed into layers rather than an overall landscape. He first sketches the collected sceneries onto picture-screens, zooming and cutting while fabricating colors. He then edits and arranges the individual frames into a grid. The arrangement of the paintings expand both horizontally and vertically until they fold or intersect. This process omits details and leaves something analogous, capturing the rhythm of the city as opposed to its details. Through this process, Lee aims to define the emotional distance between the familiar and unfamiliar, the ordinary and extraordinary. The different concepts within Lee’s works provide the viewer with an opportunity to utilize their unique imagination, thereby creating a new chain of narratives.

Heejoon Lee was born in Korea in 1988. In 2012 he received two BFAs in Painting and Sculpture from Hongik University in Seoul. In 2014, Lee graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland with an MFA. Lee has held three exhibitions in Seoul at Kigoja (2016), Weekend (2017) and Yeemock Gallery (2017). His group exhibition experience dates back to 2011, where his work has been shown internationally in museums and galleries throughout Korea, Iceland, Scotland, Japan, England, Germany, and Cyprus. Lee currently lives and works in Seoul.

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