HAN Okran
(b.1954, Korea)

HAN Okran finds the beauty and purity in flowers through her photography. Her work questions whether they are beautiful in their essential nature, or because we were taught to appreciate them in this way.


During her shoots, Han first spends time alone with the flowers, occasionally speaking with them. She analyses their colors and ‘expressions’, valuing their unique features as we would with new people that we meet. The images then become a report of what she saw, a moment captured forever in time. She uses natural lighting for her shoots in order to depict them in the context of reality. Above all else, Han wants to locate the pure beauty of flowers in her work.


Han Okran was born in Korea in 1954. She has received an extensive educational background, obtaining her first degree at Sookmyung Womens University in 1976. She also studied Computer Graphics and Visual Communications in 1989 and 1990 at UCLA. She then returned to Sookmyung in 1998 to study Design. In 2007, she obtained her MA from Hongik University with a degree in Photography. Her most recent academic accomplishment was obtaining her PhD in 2018 from Sangmyung University in Digital Imagery. Han Okran has held solo exhibitions around Seoul since 1993 at spaces such as her personal gallery (Han Okran Gallery), IT Gallery, and Topo House Art Center, amongst others.

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