JEON Byeongkoo
(b. 1985, Seoul, Korea)

Byungkoo JEON is working on lyrical painting by his unique views on his daily life - scenes, friends, or just any normal surroundings. He paint only layer on the canvas with no narratives which relates to his own attitude to the world. A tranquil scene is peaceful but solitary; people’s faces and posterior views seem deficient. It gives afterimages for a while but there’s certain distant from the object. Since 2017, he tries to find geometrical elements from the object for his patternized abstract paintings.

2016: MFA, Seoul National University of Science&Technology
2009: BFA, Kaywon University of Art & Design, Seoul
Solo Exhibitions
2018: Letters, OCI Museum, Seoul
2017: Factotum. 1996, Untitled, Cheongju Art Studio
2017: Afterimage, Space Willing and Dealing, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
2018: Portrait/Landscape, AMC Lab, Seoul
2018: Portrait and Painting, Factory2, Seoul
2018: From Face, 2/W, Seoul
2017: Memory Sense, Ilhyun Art Museum, Anyang
2017: Spectator, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul
2017: Nuance, Gallery Giche, Seoul
2016: Coincident Squre, Art Space Hue, Paju
2016: Twin Peaks, Hite Collection, Seoul
2016: View is open to all, Art Center Whiteblock, Paju
2016: New Drawing Project, Jangwookjin Museum, Yangju
2015: 3rd Show, Project Sarubia Dabang, Seoul
2015: Salon of Today 2015, Common Center, Seoul
2017-2018: OCI YOUNG CREATIVES, OCI Museum

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JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo
JEON Byungkoo