with works by Heewon OH & Seungean CHA

(Korean, born 1986) (Korean, born 1974)

EVER-CHANGING, a group exhibition with works by Heewon Oh and Seungean Cha at ONE FOUR shares the undercurrent notion of time yet exhibit distinguished form of paintings: one explores consciousness of time and its surrounding relationship to the paintings through light mediums, and the other examines the meaning of abstract painting today- as it was rashly defined in the past- by weaving, a method that requires a set of rules.


In Heewon Oh’s work, a canvas become a “clear stage” where static nature of a painting evolves with time as it enters a certain space- white cube. She questions how the relationship between a painting and its surrounding is defined as time passes through the eyes of viewers. The works in this exhibition are a representation of reflecting qualities found in water, air and light. Using color pencil, acrylic and pigment on linen, canvas and glass, Oh delivers a sense of constant flow of the present- a moment.


Seungean Cha creates paintings through weaving in reference of Korean and Western modernism. Her attempt to revisit the era of Korean abstract art in the 60s and 70s and examine the impact of Western style introduced in Korea without any historical context. Cha’s effort to rearrange “the time and experiences that were bound up too soon in rapid modernization.” She dyes the weft and warp threads, then builds the patterns by inserting colored threads or paint on the complete woven canvas infusing references of the icons found in abstract painting.

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