with works by KWON Daehoon, LEE Zune, June LEE


In modern life, the role of science technology is more than that makes human life convenient, it is now, deeply entrenched in everywhere of daily life and even threatens human identity. For instance, sns through the smart phone not only shares one’s life, but shares tones of information faster than any other media, causing immediate reaction. During this process, a new identity is created, awaring of the way other people are looking at. In this mechanism, ‘I’ feel disparate between person, who ‘I’ want to be and what people expect me to be. But ironically, I am also a collective individual who are living as ‘other’ to someone else.

June Lee starts with the idea of modern life and relationship between people and society, as they shown in the titles Witness, Bystander, and Bias. She uses thread as her main material, which is interesting that she uses it as contrast; thread not only contains softness quality, but it implies a connection in terms of its context. Creating every single piece with different types of threads and patterns, June intentionally applies each different identities to each works. The collaboration of material and patterns is visually catching the eyes as well as thoughtful.

On the other hand, Zune Lee shows interactive works using AI, system, and data which he has been researching with a lot of interests. Especially ‘data’ which constitutes the basic environment of digital world, is the one that he deeply digs into. Data is a set of value that is consisted of numbers and characters, and the combinations of each data creates what we call, the information. Like this mechanism, the movement of his artworks varies depending on the different combinations of data he created. Although this entire idea of data sounds cynical, his work contains lyrical and logotional code which cannot be found in technology.

The exhibition ‘Where Am I’ is questioning not only physical and social status but spiritual and temporal location of myself. While previous two artists are talking about former ideas, DaeHoon Kwon approaches later idea through his works. DaeHoon is trying to capture the space of thought that he once existed. What he is trying to remind is not just memory of the moment but I, who once was there. The execution of his works are representing the space within the space that cannot be reached physically.

Where am I? June lee, Daehoon Kwon, and Zune Lee, the three artists are questioning about myself and yourself through their own aesthetic interpretation. The exhibition ‘May 2016, Where Am I’ is trying to remind what our identity is, looking back our unrested life.

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