with works by HWANG Yong-yop
(Korean, born 1931)
Hwang Yong Yop has always been committed to figurative art, without being descriptive or illustrative. Instead of painting reality, he paints allegories of human reality-humans, or rather allegories of what the human and humanity is, revealing nature and earth in its strangest and barest shape. Let us not forget that in European languages, the word human, homo originated from “humus” of the earth, and silt from which humans emerge, where it is given a spirit bringing something which is fundamentally new: intelligence, language, the capacity to understand symbols, to feel emotions and feelings and mindfulness. This humanity of the human is expressed in art, civilization, and culture-but sometimes-actually very often, it is de-figured, violated, on the verge of annihilation and extinction. If the miserable fellow suffering from illness and hunger can like Job in the Bible accuse God or the Gods for handing him such a terrible fate, more often than not, his misfortune has been caused by humans, other men who have turned their back to humanity, insulting it-hurting humanity and themselves in the process.

Excepted from the Review of Yves Michaud (November 2017)

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HWANG Yong-Yop
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