ZHOU Yilun
(b. 1983, China)

ZHOU Yilun is a Chinese contemporary artist who uses the canvas as a playground for his social commentaries. Zhou’s artwork is filled with motifs and striking imagery that disrupt one another on the pictural surface. This technique helps them to be understood as reconstructions of fragmented images that have been appropriated from the media, global culture and art history. The paradoxes within Zhou’s paintings rely on juxtapositions of kitsch imagery and hidden narratives; his personal significance becomes lost in this array of contradictions, opening itself up to various interpretations from viewers.

Zhou was born in China in 1983. He studied at the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China. His work has been featured in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including shows at Galeria Nicodim (Bucharest, Romania), Platform China Contemporary Art Institute (Beijing; Hong Kong), LISTE (Basel, Switzerland), Fabien Fryns Fine Art (Los Angeles), Mind Set Art Consulting (Taipei, Taiwan), CCRN (Luxembourg), Pferdestalle des Postfuhramtes (Berlin), Mannheimer Kunstverein (Mannheim, Germany), Dao Art Space (Beijing), amongst many more. His works are based in collections around Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, England, China, the USA, the Netherlands, Australia and France.

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