Chunya ZHOU
(b. 1955, China)
Chunya ZHOU has been a recognized artist since he completed his studies and continues to play an important role in the Chinese art scene.

During his time abroad, Zhou embraced Western painting techniques, in particular German Expressionism. His works blend these methodologies with Chinese calligraphy. In one of his most famous series, Zhou depicts his former pet German Shepard. The dog is painted in green hues and is posed around various environments. Other series include peach blossom settings with embracing figures, which combine traditional Chinese imagery alongside a liberal approach to sexuality. Additionally, Zhou’s landscape paintings provide a more muted palette that harks back to folk painting in China. These pieces focus on personal events and experiences that sway on the border of memory and present thought, mildness and violence, and harmony and destruction.

Chunya Zhou was born in 1955 in China. He graduated with a BFA from Sichuan Art Institute in 1982 and with an MFA from the University of Kassel in Germany in 1988. His works have been exhibited internationally and locally for over 30 years, most notably at the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, TX, USA), the National Art Museum (Beijing), Art Museum (Bonn, Germany), and the Shanghai Gallery of Art. He currently lives and works in Chengdu, China.

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ZHOU Chunya
ZHOU Chunya