YE Yongqing
(b. 1958, China)
YE Yongqing introduced “poetic pop art” to the Chinese art scene in the early 1990s. He is amongst the first generation of Chinese artists to be exposed to Western modernism, one of the many influences that he has brought together to create his unique style.

At first glance, Ye’s paintings seem like fast sketches, although his process is delicate and carefully planned. The artist prepares detailed line shapes with dense marks that come together to form a figure, using a “slow scribble” technique with ink. Ye considers his process humorous in that he draws a mature piece of art in a childish way. His works absorb the color and composition of artists like Paul Gauguin, although they go further to find inspiration from a global range of sources such as African woodcuts and Australian bark paintings. Nature plays a lead role in his body of work, particularly birds, offering what the artist calls “another kind of realism”. Ye paints with the most basic of methodologies, thereby celebrating the beauty of simplicity.

Ye Yongqping was born in China in 1958. In 1982, he graduated from Sichuan Art University, where is a currently a professor. He has held solo and group exhibitions throughout China, Taiwan, the USA, Singapore, England and Germany, and has participated in several large events including the China Contemporary Art Exhibition.

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YE Yongqing
YE Yongqing
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