Xuerui ZHANG
(b. 1979, China)
Xuerui ZHANG is a painter whose works are composed of grids and gradient shades. Her process is a meticulous system influenced by the duality between concrete subjects and those of the metaphysical world. When gazing upon one of Zhang’s works, one feels inclined to consider it abstract or minimalist. However, the artist’s process is consistently repetitive through a grid-by-grid approach. Before the paint is applied, Zhang sets the overall tone of the canvas and samples the direction and degrees of gradual color processing through small sketches. The piece then originates with pre-set colors at three corners of the canvas. The artist then weaves them together with meticulous shading, progressively blending the lattices. The final result is a unified visual space, void of numerous identities or objects. This harks back to her academic background in architecture, where similar artistic concepts and methodologies can be located. Zhang’s form is original and sensitive; it delivers rich messages to the audiences of her cultural background and artistic talent. Xuerui Zhang was born in China in 1979. In 2004, she received her BFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Zhang has held four solo exhibitions throughout Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai since 2015. She has been featured in international group exhibitions since 2008 with notable galleries being Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie (Essen, Germany), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Sishang Art Museum (Beijing), Space Can (Beijing) and The Page Gallery (Seoul). Her work is featured in the Australian public collections of White Rabbit Gallery and Cruthers Art Foundation. Xuerui Zhang lives and works in Beijing.
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ZHANG Xuerui
ZHANG Xuerui