WANG Guangyi
(b. 1957, China)
Wang Guangyi is a representative artist of China who is actively discussing the influx of capitalism through the country’s open-door policy. He is a leader of the Political Pop-Art movement that began in 1989 and a founding member of the Chinese avant-garde Northern Art Group alongside Ren Jian and Shu Qun.

Influenced by Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys, the works of Wang Guangyi combine Western capitalist logos alongside propaganda of the Cultural Revolution era. His paintings depict the real and clear changes felt within Chinese society since that time. The artist is best known for his “Great Criticism” series (1998), where he combines red and yellow Mao-era posters with brand icons, serial numbers, and defiant captions. Propaganda images bring to light the main force of the people, their movements and ideologies, while being offset against references to the country’s difficult history and its ongoing materialism. In this way, the artist questions the commonalities between perceived great utopias.

Wang Guangyi was born in in 1957 in China. He majored in Western Painting at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. Wang Guangyi lives and works in Beijing. He has been exhibiting his works internationally since 1984. His pieces are part of eight public collections including the Essel Museum (Klosterneuburg, Austria), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Bernardo Museum (Lisbon, Portugal), and the M+Collection (Hong Kong). Wang Guangyi currently lives and works in Beijing.

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WANG Guangyi