(b. 1965, China)
LIU Wei is a prominent member of the Cynical Realism movement that began after 1989. His work spans various mediums such as installation, sculpture, videography and performance.

In Liu’s early works, he often depicted imagery that recalled the days of Chairman Mao, expressing the impact of the Chinese government on the lives of everyday people in 20th century China. Towards the start of the new century, Liu’s works drifted from the relationship between authoritative powers and society to one with a more universal message. These works are often created in a semi-abstract style that gather inspiration from Chinese calligraphy, ink-brush painting and expressionism amongst other influences. General figures such as pets, flowers, and people are melded and morphed into unidentifiable shapes. We can gather the message Liu is trying to deliver: all sentient beings are of equal worth. Liu’s poetic pieces symbolize our desire, lust, and ultimate decay in the brief lives that we lead.

Liu Wei was born in China in 1965. He graduated from the China Academy of Art in 1966. Liu currently lives and works in Beijing. His works are internationally recognized and have been displayed in exhibitions at renowned galleries and museums such as the Asia Society (New York), Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul), Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou, China), Suzhou Art Museum (Suzhou, China), Open sky Duolun Museum of Art (Shanghai), Today Museum of Art (Beijing), China Academy of Fine Arts (Hangzhou, China) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Bern, Switzerland).

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