FENG Zhengjie
(b. 1968, China)
FENG Zhengjie is a painter whose works are often compared to Andy Warhol due to their fluorescent color and monotonous, flat texture. His works criticize consumerism in the 21st century, making him an important figure in the School of Kitsch movement.

The intense colors that Feng utilizes in his artistic process come from traditional Chinese painting techniques, which are reflective of people’s attitudes towards life and work. Feng is aesthetically distinguishable through his bright red, fluorescent pinks and dark green hues. His portraiture is usually characterized by a large-scale, charming woman with a flipping hair style and full, red lips. However, it is the woman’s eyes that are the most distinctive feature of the painting, which strangely face in different directions. These artistic choices are symbolic of the artist’s critique of modern consumerism.

Feng was born in China in 1968. Feng received his BFA and MFA in 1992 and 1995, respectively, from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. His works have been featured in exhibitions since 1992 in galleries and museums such as the Singapore Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (Houston, TX, USA), National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), Marseille Contemporary Art Museum (Marseille, France), Ludwig Museum (Budapest, Hungary), amongst others.

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FENG Zhengjie